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The Future of Mobile Phones

As technology advances the future of mobile phones is becoming brighter by the day. It has now become unpredictable on how a mobile phone might be in the coming days. This has only been left to our creative imagination to picture the new designs and applications that these gadgets will hold. Mobile telephony has come a long way over the recent past and the revolution in the industry has worked best to improve for the best.

Growing Interest in Future of Mobile Phones

The introduction of the mobile phone hit the global market with a blast. It is amazing how every person who owned the initial mobile phones was fascinated by the fact that one could call, send and receive messages from a portable device. Looking back at those first mobile phones, which were as large as one’s hand and performing basic functions, one is left amused. The devices have now been termed outdated and the two functions that amazed every phone owner now are merely the reason why people own phones.

New designs have made mobile phones small and sleek and with the technology trends the future of phones promises much more improvement on style and functionality. Today, the mobile phone is not just a device for telephony and instant messaging but an all round communication gadget and more. There have evolved to become personal mini computers with multiple functions that leave the owners startled by the functions such a small gadget handles.

Players of the Future of Mobile Phones

Phone manufacturers, Apple who continue to captivate the market with high end user-centric features, have been ahead of Samsung and Nokia, who have come up with equally good affordable phones for users. The competition in the market seen the smartphone expand its features until now many users consider them to be convenient microcomputers.

The display is one of the amazing features that come with the future mobile phone. As the gadgets become smaller the screen technology is advancing. Manufacturers are trying out different techniques to provide the highest quality graphics on mobile phones. The future screen is expected to offer high definition images and also promises to integrate the technology of holographic 3D that allows the user to enjoy the 3D experience even without the glasses.

Ever thought of having a screen that you can hold and fit to your mobile phone? As imaginative as this may sound the future mobile technology promises to make this a reality. This extension technology will see the screen roll out to almost the size of a tablet. As a fact this is slowly becoming a reality with Sony already developing the technology that will set out the first phone screens of this type. This flexibility will be the onset of bizarre and spectacular phone designs. In the new future it should be no surprise to see people wearing mobile phones as bracelets.

What to Expect in the Future of Mobile Phones

It is evident that the future mobile phones will have some of the astounding features ever. The advancing technology will enhance the design and efficiency in functionality. A long look into the future will see the use of nanotechnology in phones. This will give the phone capabilities to perform tasks like cleaning and scanning itself. The future phone also promises unbelievable tasks like scanning food for toxins.

Does this sound too good to be true? Well, the present is just the start in the future of mobile phones.


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